Business Card Cutters & Slitters

    Business Card Cutting / Slitting Machines for Digital & Offset Printers

    Business card cutting and slitting machines are life savers for digital and offset printing industry. Given the short print runs and demand of quick delivery, running big paper cutters is not a cost effective solution. The business card cutters and slitting machines offer is from highly reputed world class machine manufacturers like, Uchida & Morgana.

  • Uchida AeroCutnano is the revolutionary card cutter that can take up to SRA3, 350gsm stock.
  • The revolutionary Aero Cut has been designed for all busiesses and organisations that are printing and copying digitally but need to finish their jobs by cutting, slitting and creasing.
  • In feed System : Upper belt Suction feed, Processing Speed : Business card (21pcs from A3 sheets ), 6 sheets /minute, Leaflets (centre crease)..
  • The AeroCut One is the basic slitter/cutter/creaser. This is the refined model of the original AeroCut launched in 2010..
  • The Aero Cut Prime is the top-end slitter/cutter/creaser featuring technologies and knowledges stored since the launch of original AeroCut in 2009.
  • Max. Capacity : 50 mm, Maximum Paper size : 376mm (B4 longitudinal), Drilling diameter : 3 to 13mm, Back margin : 6 to 35mm
  • UCHIDA VS-200 is a synchronized twin spindle drill with a pre-programmable pitch bar, 50mm pile height for drilling paper sizes up to A3..
  • Way of Cutting : Knife and Matrix! (Very durable) Not Knife and stick. Max length of straight cutting Line : 28 mm