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Card Slitter, Cutter, Creaser - UCHIDA Aerocut One

Simple, Efficient Solution for Digital Printers


The innovator in digital print finishing is now even further improved.
The AeroCut One is the basic slitter/cutter/creaser. This is the refined model of the original AeroCut launched in 2010, featuring enhanced productivity and user-friendliness.

Key Features & Specification:

  • Functions :Slit, cross cut, crease, *perforate, *score, *slit-score
  • Feedable paper size :210(W)x210(L) - 370(W)x520(L) mm
  • Minimum finished size :55(W)x45(L) mm
  • Paper weight :120 - *400 gsm
  • Job memories :263 preset jobs
  • 100 + 50 customized job memories
  • Speed(Sheets/min.) :8.8 x 21up business cards (SRA3)
    :11 x 8up post cards (SRA3)
    12.2 x 4up greeting cards (SRA3)
    15.4 x A3 leaflet + centre crease (SRA3)
  • Country of Origin :Japan