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Guillotines & Paper Cutters - Mohr 80

Paper Guillotine Machine - Mohr 80


The cutter MOHR 80 Paper Guillotine is designed for one-shift operation.

The precise and gentle swing cut is carried out hydraulically. Thus, the time of the knife spent in the lower dead end can be adapted to the material. The ultra-smooth stainless table surface equipped with air jets allows an easy handling of the material. Within a wide setting range the clamping pressure can be adjusted infinitely to each cutting material by means of a turning knob with scale. Bright LEDs mark the cutting line clearly visible for the operator.

The operation of the MOHR 80 Paper Guillotine is done via an ergonomically positioned control panel with 5.5’’ monochrome display and additional membrane keypad. Recurring cutting sequences can be memorized (memory capacity 198 programs) and adapted at any time. The creation of the cutting programs is done either manually or menu-driven and intuitively via block programming. To optimize the cutting quality the pre-clamping time can be adjusted according to the material.

MOHR 80 Paper Guillotine - Specifications

  • Cutting width : 800mm
  • Feeding depth : 800mm
  • Feeding height : max.100mm
  • Clamp pressure : min.180 daN
  • Clamp pressure : max.2,700 daN
  • Backgauge speed on returnway (0-...) : 130 mm/ sec
  • Smallest cut, automatically w/o false plate : 50 mm
  • Dimensions(w×d×h) : 1,430 x 1,970 x 1,500 mm
  • Weight : 900 Kg