Die Cutting Machines

Digital Laser Die Cutting Machine - Mohr Digicut

Digital Laser Machine for Paper Die Cutting, Creasing, Perforating and engraving

Digital Laser Die Cutting Machine - Mohr Digicut


Customer benefits

  • Precise cutting of very delicate contours in a wide variety of materials
  • Engraving without leaving marks on the flip side
  • Economic production of print runs from 1 up to a few hundred copies
  • No tooling costs as processing is done by laser
  • Adolf Mohr safety standard enabling GS-certification
  • Features

    1. Digicut opens up a wide variety of creative possibilities for the processing of a single sheet. Using laser you can not only cut sophisticated designs, but also punch, engrave and crease – all in one pass; and this on variety of different materials. There are almost no limits in terms of design. Also not tooling costs arise by the use of a laser.

    2. The Digicut is manually loaded via the transparent cover on the top. The cover is lifted up and the material to be processed is manually placed at the gauge and aligned. The cutting program is selected on a four-line display and processing starts. All necessary settings for processing, such as the intensity and speed of the laser, are defined in advance through colour specific colour settings in the printer driver. When Digicut has completed the job a ring signal is heard and the operator can take the material out manually by lifting the top cover.

    3. Some of the products which can be produced on the Digicut includes: greeting cards, invitations, envelopes, folders, letterheads, samples, business card, table cards, lanterns, puzzles, bookmarks etc.

    Technical Specifications

    • Laser Source : 30W
    • Adjustable power Control : 0 – 100 %
    • Adjustable Speed control : 0.1 – 100 %
    • Speed Max : 2.032mm / sec
    • Work Area : 860 X 610 mm / 33.86 X 24.02 in PC with MS Windows* required
    • Graphic Design Software : Vector - oriented ( eg: CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator)
    • PRINTER Interface : Parallel and USB 2.0
    • Dimensions ( WX DX H) : 1.0365 X 880 X 1.010 / 53.74X34.65X39.67
    • Voltage : 1 X 100-240v . 50/60 hz
    • Electrical Power Input : KVA 2.0
    • Thermal rating : BTU/h 6,826