UV Coaters Spot/Full

Morgana DigiCoater 50


UV Coating is rapidly being adopted as a means to enhance, protect and add value to your digital and litho printed documents. The application of a gloss UV Varnish can be used enhance the print quality, making colours appear richer and more vivid, as well as offering protection for documents being frequently handled. UV Coating is widely considered as being a more environmentally friendly alternative to lamination as virtually no waste is produced in the production process. Unlike laminated stocks, which normally should be treated as plastic waste, UV coated stocks can be disposed of or recycled as normal printed paper would be.TheDigiCoater 50 caters for printers who require a larger sheet width of up to 500mm.

Key Features

  • Automatic touch screen operation
  • Multiple coating options
  • Can be used to prime printing stock (6 tank only)
  • Variable coating thickness
  • Multiple supply tanks with auto wash
  • Sheet weight 400gsm+
  • Filtered recirculation system
  • Variable speed to 30 metres per minute
  • Enclosed System For Dust Free Prints
  • Compact footprint
  • Choice of air feeders and joggers
  • Internal IR lamp

Technical Specification

  • Maximum speed : 30(metres per minute)
  • Maximum coating width : 500mm
  • Maximum coating length : 762 mm
  • Maximum paper weight : 400gsm+
  • Coating thickness : 6 - 14 microns
  • Coating technology : 100% UV curable
  • Coating capacity Digicoater 50 : 6 x 2 litre
  • Available finishes : Gloss/Matt/5 textured finishes