Paper Counter – Bundlers



Perfect solution for counting digital stocks.

  • The superb twin-blade counting system enables the Countron AT to count thick board without any damage to the corners of the sheet unlike other brands, which is useful for finished items as Greeting Cards, Post Cards etc. This is a revolutionary machine.
  • The Countron AT is a world leading new machine having been uniquely designed to count up to 400gsm paper. This is ideal for any printed card producers counting and separating cards etc. on each batch. This makes the machine the perfect one for printers, who until now, have been unable to count their stock, printed or new and separate sets with tabs.
  • The Countron AT counts at up to 1,500 sheets per minute with tab insertion. Inserting a tab tape in between batches of print can save hours of laborious manual job splitting before an onward print finishing process.

Technical Specification:

  • Counting system : Twin blade counting system
  • Counting speed : 0 to 1,500 sheets per minute
  • Countable paper quality : 80g/m2 - 400g/m2 (approx. 0.08mm - 0.4mm)
  • Max. Paper size : 546W x 788Dmm
  • Min. Paper size : 100W x 100Dmm
  • Paper stacking height : Max. 300mm
  • Tab tape insertion : Every 2 to 1,000 sheets
  • Height of work table : 760mm or 860mm (Prefixed in factory)
  • Power source : 110,115, 220, 230, 240 VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Dimensions : 900W x 1,085D x 1,400Hmm
  • Net weight : 260 kg
  • Country of origin : Japan