AutoCreaser 50 – Printwell ColourPrinters



Having been one of the very first purchasers of the original AutoCreaser at Drupa in 2000, Printwell Colour Printers of Airdrie were equally quick off the mark when Morgana brought out its new AutoCreaser at this year’s IPEX. “Our first AutoCreaser did a great job for us”, says Printwell m.d. Jim Robertson, “and, even after six years hard service, we still got a good price when we sold it on.” However, for Jim and his team of 16 at Printwell, the ability of the AutoCreaser 50 to take larger sizes and operate at higher speeds represented a big step forward.

A thriving commercial print operation, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, Printwell runs 5-colour B2 and B3 Heidelbergs, as well as SRA3 2-colour machines and has a high demand for creasing of covers and cards of various kinds. “With the AutoCreaser 50”, explains Jim Robertson, “we can now run A4 jobs 2-up and have just completed a job involving the creasing of 15,000 A4 covers in just 3 hours.”

In addition to the faster speeds and bigger sizes that the AutoCreaser 50 provides, Jim Robertson also praises the high accuracy of the new unit. “All in all, he says, it’s a an excellent piece of equipment and I have no reason to suppose it won’t perform just as well and for just as long as its predecessor.”